The 10X Rule – Grant Cardone

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Overall i liked this book even though some of the messages are naive and will not work in some cases because of mathematical bounds. For example, Cardone tells you take your goals x10 and then work x10 more. While i some cases that approach might be possible, in cases where x10 goals means you need x10 investment (think of a marketing campaign goals & costs), you will quickly realize that your x10 goal will fuck up your budget planing, your risk-reward-ratio, ROI, etc.

Interestingly enough, the hour i started writing this article i came across a Bloomberg Article which in some ways has the same message (to European Start-Ups) as Cardone does: you have to aim higher!

Published: 2011
Cost: ~ 20$
Pages: 256

Quotes i liked

Cold ‚visiting‘ companies taught me more about taking massive action than any other activity I have ever done and has proved more valuable to me in my other ventures“ – p. 56

Cold visiting/calling/etc. is indeed very applicable to the 10x action rule. When i was 16 y/o i was visiting random stores/restaurants/etc. in my neighborhood and was asking them whether they need a website. Practically this was cold visiting. The more stores i visited, the higher my chances were to get a deal. Since cold visiting has no cost (except your time),  visiting 10x more than you planned, won’t cost you 10x more.
[…] I would advise that when you do set your goals, take into account that you have been educated with restrictions. Be aware of this so that you don’t underestimate the possibilities.“ – p. 73

Keyword: limiting beliefs. It’s very important to be aware of your limiting beliefs and overcome them. You can do that by being open to new information, pro-actively acquire new information and experience.

After i finished school in Germany i was out looking for a professional education. Being raised in a poor city in Ukraine, my expectations of life in general were humble. My friends were looking for a job too and everyone seemed to be happy when they had a salary of 900-1000 €/Month. I almost fell for this limiting belief, looking for a 900€ job.

Instead, i researched the marketplace for people with my set of skills (Web Development) and quickly got rid of my limiting belief induced by my surrounding. A few weeks later i got a 4500€/Month Dev-Job in Munich.
An easy way to achieve balance is to simply work harder while you are at the office. This won’t just leave you with more time; it will allow you to experience the rewards of your job and make it feel less like work and more like success.“ – p. 124

This Quote is very true. First hand experience. On some days or even weeks i felt bored at work (as employee) and was watching the clock in order to leave as soon as possible – my productivity was obviously low. Counterintuitively, I then randomly started to work totally focused and gave my 100%.  Suddenly i was accomplishing tasks that seemed so far away, that felt so satisfying that i felt happy again to be at work.
Once you adopt a more advanced sense of responsibility – and refuse to make any more excuses – then you can go out and search for a solution. And as an added bonus, you will avoid such situations in the future.“ – p. 157

Extremely important. I sometimes even take blame for something that was actually out my control. Simply because it was me who made the choice to get into a situation where i had no control. By having this extreme sense of responsibility you’ll gain more control in your life – from there on it’s all up to you.
But successful people recognize how vital it is to act without reason. They know they cannot afford to act in accordance with the agreed-upon realities . If they do, the supposed „impossible“ can never become possible for them.“ – p. 166

It’s partly related to limiting beliefs. In order for Elon Musk to create a self-landing rocket he had to think beyond the current „agreed-upon state of the art realities“. And when you think outside of this „current reality“, people will see your actions and choices and illogical, senseless, etc. You have to truly believe in your decision-making abilities in order to ignore these allegations.
You will be amazed how much you can get done when you quit thinking, calculating, and procrastinating and just get on with it and make a habit of acting now. […] it will also make acting a habit.“ -p. 172

Alternative and more practical way of seeing this issue is the 5 second rule:


Quotes i like. Commenting is not necessary – they’re self-explanatory

If you make success an option, then it won’t be an option for you – simple.“ – p. 157

Massive action is not like a poker table; you never run out of action chips in life or use up all of your energy and effort by committing yourself. The most valuable chips you have are your mind-set, actions, persistence, and creativity. You can go „all in“ with energy as many time as you want – because even if you fail you can keep going all in!“ – p. 97

[…] you have to keep showing up over and over and make it obvious that you are not going away.“ – p. 80


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