TRUMP How to Get Rich

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I bought this book accidentally while i was in a German book-shop named „Thalia“ with my little brother. He pointed at it and said: „Look, there is Trump. Buy it, maybe you will get rich too“.

So i bought it – i was definitely happy about my choice.

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Cost: 6-8$

Pages: 230

Published: 2004

ISBN: 0-345-48103-8

Quotes i liked:

 „Creative People rarely need to be motivated – they have their own inner drive that refuses to be bored. They refuse to be complacent. They live on the edge, which is precisely what is needed to be successful and remain successful“  – p. 5

At the time of reading this book – and this sentence – i had a lot problems and to-dos . I was totally stressed. The (not so) fun part is that 95% of all these tasks and problems i created on my own by wanting to accomplish more. So i was trying new things, starting new websites, buying new equipment for new business ideas, starting new blogs, coding new software, and so on. Often i would look at my current stressful situation and think „Why am i doing this to myself? I’ve accomplished what i wanted. I don’t need to work more, learn more, hustle, ..“.

Then i realised that this is just the way i am. At least for now. I refuse to get bored. I refuse to let my time to be wasted. After I read this quote, I finally was happy with the way I spend my time and the fact that cannot sit still.

So don’t be afraid to toot your own horn when you’ve done something worth tooting about. And don’t believe the critics unless they love your work.“ – p.64

This is something i wrote down on a sheet of paper when i read the book. Not because i can resonate with it, quite the opposite. Even though i might have an above average online presence of  my Identity. I rarely like to brag about anything. Even when i was writing my book „Algorithmic Trading“, i didn’t told anyone about it until i got it finished. Only then, when i had a hard copy on my hands, i started slowly tooting my own horn.

For the future i wish to toot my horn much earlier for much smaller accomplishments.

Negativity is also a form of fear, and fear can be paralyzing.“ – p. 84

This sentence instantly reminded me of a short monologue from Walter White (Heisenberg).

Maybe you’ve gotten to the point where you think you can’t get through another day. You’re missing the big picture. You’re on the runway, but you fuel supply is the problem. You won’t get off the ground without it. Feed yourself some positive thoughts and you can take off at any time.“ – p.87

Trumps way of looking at a short-term problems isn’t unique, his metaphor neither. But it’s nice to be reminded to take a step back from your problems. Zoom out. Take a look at the big picture. Remember what you long-term goal was – by doing so, refuel yourself and take off.

Keep a book of inspiring quotes nearby, so you can change a negative wavelength the moment it descends on you.“ – p. 90

This. This idea. I had it for months if not years. I never got myself to actually do it. But i’m on my way there. I created a Google Document with about 3 DIN A4 Pages of motivating and positive quotes. Maybe i’ll publish my list sometime.

It [ego] is the center of our consciousness and serves to give us a sense of purpose.“ – p. 97

Like this thought. It’s a powerful and bold. Not sure though if it is totally correct. The way i interpret it: if you have a very small ego, you may lose the feeling ob being relevant and making any contributions to your world – thus you may lose the sense of purpose.

No ego means very little life force, and too much means a dictatorial personality. Keep your ego in a healthy balance, for your own well-being as well as for those around you.“ – p. 97

Funny to hear something rational and objective from trump. Quotes like theme make me believe he is not the irrational and naive fool – the way mainstream media portrays him.

Don’t browbeat them into believing you. Let them think the decision is theirs. It will give them a feeling of control.“ – p. 137

This was rather random sentence. Even though it’s really powerful, he provided no details as to why this might work. In the book „The Challenger Sale“ this one sentence of Trump was discussed very detailed.

If you can easily dismiss a negative from your life, it’s better to do so.“  – p.

Something that i started doing after i listened to the audio-book „Unfuck Yourself“. I started getting rid of negative thoughts, negative routines, negative habits, negative people!

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