The Psychology of Winning

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The size of this book is quite small, amount of pages is low and you’ll finish it in less than a week. The quality of the wisdom in this book pretty high – the density of statements is very high too.

This means, you’ll have to read some phrases a few times and think about how the tips, mindset, methods apply to your life. You should take the time and think how you would have behaved in certain past situations of your life, knowing what you just read.

When you figured out how you would’ve applied this knowledge in your past situations, it becomes easier to use your new knowledge in present day. Some of these quotes are very powerful and will be on my list that i’ll carry around with me to restore positive energy and motivation.

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Change for the better that which can be changed. Remove from your presence those negative influences that cannot be changed. Adapt and adjust to those negative influences that cannot be changed or removed.“ – p.29

An idea Donald Trump spoke about in this Book „How to Get Rich„. To apply this quote to me: I am changing my habits and routines to become a more complete personality. I distance myself from negative people or people that do not share my goals. I adapt to things that i can’t change – for me personally these are mainly health issues with no cure like Vitiligo and Diabetes Type 1.

Because they are controlled by external standards set by others, they often set their sights too high and are unrealistic to begin with and as they fail to reach their goals again and again, these failures become set in their subconscious self-images as targets and goals of their own.“ – p.38

They use errors and mistakes as a way to learn – then they dismiss them from their minds.“ – p.40

I wish i had bought and read this book many years earlier. For the last 6-7 years i was feeding my subconscious self-image on purpose with negative and critical thoughts with the hope that my self-critical behavior would force me to do better, grow and improve my skills/personality.

It is only after i turned 21 that i’m starting to realize that it was a completely self destructive bullshit i was doing back then. [2]

Every waking moment we must feed our subconscious self-images positive thoughts about ourselves and our performances…“ – p.41

You know these funny looking moments in movie when people are pushing up themself emotionally with positive self-talk like „Your are the best, you are the strongest, you are way smarter than all of them combined. You are going to beat them all…“. Back then I thought this was weird. It’s not weird to me anymore. I really appreciate positive self-talk. If done in balance, it will definitely help you. Olivia F.C. discussed this topic in her book „The Charisma Myth“ – with more practical tips.

And the devastating fact is that the robot self-image is always listening and accepts these negative barbs as facts to store as reality.“ – p.42

By negative-self-talk-robot the author means this voice in your head that tells you that your crush is going to say no to you, that you boss is going to laugh at you if you ask for a raise, that investors won’t even want to invest one dollar into your start-up, and so on.

You have to be in the Moment and actively dismiss these thoughts as irrational and throw them visually „out of your head“ and replace them consciously with positive thoughts.

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